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Blog Tour: You Won’t Know I’m Gone by Kristen Orlando

**Disclaimer: If you have not read the first book, You Don’t Know My Name, then you will be spoiled if you read on. **

You Won’t Know I’m Gone 
Kristen Orlando
(The Black Angel Chronicles #2)
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: January 16th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult

Reagan has to prove herself to an elite group of special agents—and avenge her mother’s death—in the second book in the Black Angel Chronicles from the author of You Don’t Know My Name.

Going rogue in an effort to rescue her kidnapped parents has cost Reagan Hillis her automatic ticket to the Training Academy. But becoming a Black Angel is the only way Reagan will be able to exact revenge on her mother’s merciless killer, Santino Torres.

When Reagan is given a chance to prove that she’s worthy of training to be a Black Angel, she also gets the first chance she’s ever had to be her true self. No aliases. No disguises.

But when her friend Luke joins her at the Black Angels training compound, Reagan finds herself once again torn between the person she was and the person she wants to be. Reagan has to prove that she’s as good as her parents trained her to be, because she’ll never find Torres without the Black Angels’ help.

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Author Bio:

Writing is one of the great loves of Kristen Orlando’s life and she has been lucky enough to make it her living, first as a television producer, then as a marketer and now as a novelist. Kristen graduated with a B.A. in English literature from Kenyon College. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with the other great love of her life, Michael. You Don’t Know My Name is her debut novel.

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You Won’t Know I’m Gone picks up right where the first book left off with the aftermath of the Colombia mission that resulted in the death of Reagan’s mother at the hands of Santino Torres. Reagan’s automatic entry into the training academy to become a Black Angel is revoked because her actions on the mission and instead she must attend the Qualifiers to prove she still has what it takes to be a Black Angel. Passing the Qualifiers is Reagan’s only chance to track down and kill Torres in order to avenge her mother’s death. Qualifiers become even more interesting when Luke is selected, causing Reagan to confront her feelings about him while battling with not only grief but also the hunger for revenge against Torres.

While you definitely get a closer look into the inner-workings of the Black Angels as Reagan and her friends make their way through the Qualifiers, Reagan’s mental state and how she deals with the array of emotions that she experiences since witnessing her mother being killed is a huge part of this book. There are times when things get super emotional as Reagan feels it is her fault her mother is dead because of her actions. It also takes a bit of a dark turn as we read Reagan’s ever-growing need to kill Torres and how once that is done things will be better. Reagan was such a strong character in the first book but the aftermath of Colombia has left her in pieces, struggling to stay some version of sane to those around her.

Luckily, Reagan has friends at her side to help her overcome the loss she has experienced and regain the strength she once had during Qualifiers. The introduction of Anusha and Cam were wonderful additions as they remained loyal and supportive to Reagan the entire time. They may have all been competing for spots to get into training academy but from the very beginning Anusha and Cam made it clear that they weren’t there purely as competition. Anusha has such a fierce loyalty towards Reagan, standing up for her during the Qualifiers against other competitors and Cam is an adorable geek with some serious hacking skills that come in handy. On top of that, they are both characters of color which made me super happy to see some diversity being represented in this book.

Besides Anusha and Cam, there is another person that plays a very important role in Regan’s life, even if she thought she would never see him again after Colombia. Ah, Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Reagan’s relationship with Luke was one of my favorite parts of the first book so I was itching to see what would happen to them in this one. They are no longer in the comfort of their lives in New Albany. They have lived through a tragedy together and Reagan, in particular, now has a hard time focusing on her goal and need for revenge because Luke has come into her world of the Black Angels. There were some sweet moments between these two as well as some emotional and angsty ones. The ending left things up in the air on where their relationship stands so I am interested to see what happens next between them.

As this is the sequel, and I honestly believe you will enjoy this series much more going in as blind as you can, it is hard to talk about the plot without spoiling anything. Yes, Torres is still at large and lurking in the shadows but that is really all you need to to know. What I will tell you is, just like the first book, the last 50 pages of this book are full of action and left me once again on the edge of my seat. I honestly can’t wait to see how the next book will continue with this story

If you read the first book and you enjoyed it, I highly recommend you continue on with the sequel. It has the same amount of intrigue and action as the first, leaving you wondering and waiting for the next book in the series.

4 stars




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You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen Orlando

You Don’t Know My Name (The Black Angel Chronicles #1)
by Kristen Orlando
Publication Date: January 10th, 2017
Source: Own Copy


Fighter. Faker. Student. Spy.

Seventeen-year-old Reagan Elizabeth Hillis is used to changing identities overnight, lying to every friend she’s ever had, and pushing away anyone who gets too close. Trained in mortal combat and weaponry her entire life, Reagan is expected to follow in her parents’ footsteps and join the ranks of the most powerful top-secret agency in the world, the Black Angels. Falling in love with the boy next door was never part of the plan.

Now Reagan must decide: Will she use her incredible talents and lead the dangerous life she was born into, or throw it all away to follow her heart and embrace the normal life she’s always wanted? And does she even have a choice?


I have had my eye on this book ever since it was published last year. I mean who doesn’t love a good spy thriller? And, with a cover like that I knew I had to read it. It has taken me almost an entire year to make that happen, but I am so glad I finally got around to it.

Reagan Hillis’s life has always been different from those her own age ever since her parents informed her what their jobs really were when she was 10 years old. Since then, her last name has never been Hillis, just another elaborate cover story as she tries to grow up and live her life. Though, training to be a spy for one of the most elite spy agencies in the world is probably not what one would think of in regards to extracurricular activities. Reagan’s destiny is to become a Black Angel just like her parents and carry on the legacy. The only thing that might deter that is a glimpse of what life would be like just being a normal teenager who who has control over how their future will look.

Reagan and her family’s latest placement in New Albany, Ohio is different that the other placements. For one, the friends that Reagan has made, that she specifically targeted so that she could maintain a low profile while surviving high school, have become the closest friends she has ever had. She knows her cover story back to front of course, that she is Reagan Macmillan, but for the first time she feels like she can let herself, Reagan Hillis, shine through a little bit. This is mostly due to a certain someone, who made ME swoon, who happens to be her next door neighbor. As they say there is always a boy (lol), but Luke Weixel is THE boy next door. His relationship with Reagan, just as friends even though everyone around them knows they should be together (you know how it is lol), is so wonderful and adorable and probably one of my favorite things about this book.

Ok, aside from the swoony potential high school romance, I loved having Reagan as the narrator and getting inside her head. Being a teenage is hard enough especially when college is on the horizon but when you have been brought up training to be a spy which entails learning to shoot a gun and kill a man a number of different ways, life gets much more complicated. Reagan is SUCH a strong character, there is no denying that, but it was her vulnerabilities and the doubts she had about her life and whether or not she wanted to continue with the plan of her becoming a Black Angel that was not only relatable but also super interesting. This struggle between meeting the expectations set by her parents of becoming a Black Angel or going off the college and essentially starting a relationship with Luke were so palpable. The writing during these moments was so engaging that I honestly felt the magnitude and depth of what Reagan was feeling when I was reading.

While there was definitely action in this book, about two-thirds of the way through, there were also a lot of emotional moments too. I was always try to anticipatewhen the plot would turn more towards the spy thriller aspect even from the very beginning. But the fact that it doesn’t happen right away and that you really get a glimpse into Reagan’s life and how she juggles being a high school senior with her friends while also getting up early to train and doing target practice after school is what really allows you to connect with Reagan and the emotions and feelings she has throughout the book. Her feelings towards Luke continue to grow and she begins to imagine what life would be like if she chose him and the life that went with it, becoming a normal college student. But, the weight of what her future is meant to be starts to be too much, and her relationship with her parents starts to become strained as they fail to see her struggle and continue to push her towards her destiny. She is Reagan Hillis after all, the one every other Black Angel legacy is told about during their training, the example of what they should strive to be.

I have babbled on about this book so much but I can’t forget the action as it is what makes this book a spy thriller. While the unraveling of this part of the plot was a bit predictable to me, it more than made up for it in the last 50 pages of this book. Edge of your seat action that comes to such a precipice that when I finished this book I has a mini book hangover. The ending was a culmination of so many feelings for me leaving me wondering where things are going to go in the sequel.

Overall, if you couldn’t already guess, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the sequel. (More Reagan and Luke time please!) If you like spy thrillers, you should definitely pick this up. I would describe it as the more adult but still YA version of the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter (if that makes sense lol).

4.5 stars


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Review: The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

The Trouble with Mistletoe (Heartbreaker Bay #2)
by Jill Shalvis
Publication: September 27, 2016
Source: Own Copy

28446375If she has her way …

Willa Davis is wrangling puppies when Keane Winters stalks into her pet shop with frustration in his chocolate-brown eyes and a pink bedazzled cat carrier in his hand. He needs a kitty sitter, stat. But the last thing Willa needs is to rescue a guy who doesn’t even remember her …

He’ll get nothing but coal in his stocking.

Saddled with his great-aunt’s Feline from Hell, Keane is desperate to leave her in someone else’s capable hands. But in spite of the fact that he’s sure he’s never seen the drop-dead-gorgeous pet shop owner before, she seems to be mad at him …

Unless he tempers “naughty” with a special kind of nice …

Willa can’t deny that Keane’s changed since high school: he’s less arrogant, for one thing—but can she trust him not to break her heart again? It’s time to throw a coin in the fountain, make a Christmas wish—and let the mistletoe do its work …


Surprise, surprise, it’s another review for another book by Jill Shalvis lol. If you didn’t already know this, I am currently obsessed with her Heartbreaker Bay series.  I obviously can’t get enough and The Trouble with Mistletoe was a WONDERFUL addition to the series.

Willa Davis is the owner of the South Bark Mutt Shop, located in the courtyard of the Pacific Pier Building. Willa and I are kindred spirits, because the one thing she loves just as much as the animals she takes care of, is Christmas. It is Christmas time in San Francisco and she has decked out her entire store in decorations. Everything seems to be going great until early one morning Keane Winters pops up at her store’s door, looking for help. The same Keane Winters who, in high school stood her up at the Sadie Hawkins dance and now doesn’t seem to remember her at all.

Keane is not having the easiest time when he shows up at Willa’s store. His great-aunt has left her cat for him to take care of and Petunia, or P.I.T.A. short for “pain in the ass”, the nickname he has given her, is making his life hell. While his situation is not ideal, meeting Willa, as a result, definitely makes it a little better. Except, he doesn’t know why she is so irritated when she sees him every time he drops Petunia off at South Bark.

Willa and Keane. Ugh, their relationship is equal parts adorable and super freaking steamy. I loved that Willa was snippy and a smartass towards Keane in the beginning even though his reactions and responses really showed that he wasn’t going anywhere when Willa tries to keep her distance. Keane was a wonderful mix of rugged and sweet with his own quirks like his fear of heights even though he works on flipping housed for a living. He gets major points in my book for his persistence and understanding as well as his ability to dirty up any conversation. 😉

Overall, this is my second favorite book in the series and it has fueled my need to read every book even more. If you like second chance romances with cute banter, some definite steam, and amazing side characters, then pick up The Trouble with Mistletoe.

**Oh, also, I HIGHLY recommend watching the movie adaptation made by Passionflix. Definitely, check that out if you want a spot on adaptation and to see Willa and Keane come to life.

5 stars