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Blog Tour: The Last First Game

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all are having or going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine is starting off with a blog tour which is something I am very thankful that I get to do.

This wonderful blog tour is being hosted by Xpresso Book Tours and it is for The Last First Game by Gina Aziz which is a contemporary new adult sports romance with so much heart in it that I could not put it down. You can follow the rest of the blog tour here.

If you enjoy reading contemporary sports romances that revolve around college football but also have a romance that is both adorably cute and, at times, heart wrenching then you should definitely check out The Last First Game.

The Last First Game by Gina Azzi
(The Senior Semester Series, #1)
Publication date: November 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

The Last First Game When Lila Avers accepts a medical internship through Astor University in California for the fall semester of her senior year, she doesn’t expect much. In fact, she’d rather work on her tan and meet a surfer instead of logging long hours at the hospital and studying. But before she even boards her flight to LA, she meets Astor University wide receiver, Cade Wilkins. A football player. When Cade turns out to be so much more than just muscle, Lila is smitten. Maybe a semester away from her friends won’t be so bad after all.

Cade Wilkins is beyond ready for his last season at Astor. Already being scouted and projected as a NFL draft pick, he’s riding a natural high and all set to breeze through his senior year. To sweeten the start of the fall semester, he meets his dream girl at the airport on his way back to LA. Lila Avers, a blonde, blue-eyed angel. Could life get any better?

When Cade is sidelined by an unexpected injury, he’s devastated to learn of more serious health concerns. As his world implodes, Lila holds him together. But is she strong enough to see him through his recovery?

As their own insecurities and doubts emerge, their new, fragile relationship is tested. Can Cade and Lila handle the ugly truths of falling in love when tensions flare, boundaries are violated, and uncertainty looms over the future of their relationship?



Author Spotlight

Gina Azzi loved every moment of college – especially her study abroad experiences, internships, and travel adventures! She drew on her college experiences to create the storylines for The Senior Semester Series.

Gina is a passionate reader, frequent globetrotter, and coffee enthusiast. She currently resides in Dubai with her husband Tony.

Gina loves meeting new people and would love to hear from you! Get in touch with her at:

Twitter: @gina_azzi

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For Lila Avers, her college experience has been spectacular. After meeting Mia, Maura, and Emma freshman year when they were all assigned as roommates, they soon became best friends constantly together and enjoying what college life has to offer them. Now it is the beginning of their senior year and for the first time ever they will all be apart from one another as each is setting off on their own adventure whether it is studying abroad or attending an internship located in another part of the US. Lila, who is on the path of becoming a doctor even though she is not entirely sure that is what she wants to do, is attending a medical internship at Astor University located in California. She wants to soak up the sun at the beach more than she wants to be in a hospital all day but that all changes when she meets Cade Wilkins at the airport. Little does she know that that encounter will alter her entire experience at Astor University and what she believes will be her future once she finishes college.

Cade Wilkins is psyched to go back to Astor University for his senior year because he can’t wait to start the new football season especially now that there is talk that he is being considered as an NFL draft pick. Even though he had to deal with some family heartbreak as the one year anniversary of his older brother’s death occurred right before he heads back to Astor, life seems to be getting a little better for him the minute he sets eyes on the tall blonde with cornflower blue eyes at his gate in the airport. From the moment he sees Lila, Cade’s life changes even though he doesn’t even know it yet. What is to come will be amazing and wonderful but also challenging. The two immediately hit it off as they travel to Astor together. Lila becomes situated into her new life at Astor, meeting her hilarious and very witty friends Kristen and Sam as well as going on dates with Cade as they become closer and closer to one another. Things seem to be going well for the both of them until Cade’s injury during a football game that reveals a much more serious health issue that will test their relationship to the max.

Words can not describe how much I fell in love with this book and Lila and Cade’s relationship. I felt as if I was literally swept up into their world experiencing all the swoon worthy moments as well as the hardships along with them that I read this book in one sitting which is something I have not done in a VERY long time. It is amazing what can happen in just four months because what Cade and Lila went through and how their relationship changed, sometimes getting stronger and then at times drifting apart due to what was happening with Cade’s health, was so captivating to read about. Both experienced hardships that impacted their relationship but they did not allow those hardships to consume them and therefore jeopardize the love they had for one another. At times this book was so emotionally charged that I felt compelled to continue reading it to see how they would handle what life threw at them and if they would (which I knew they would) continue to fight to remain in each other’s lives even when faced with life threatening issues. This sweet, adorable romance was definitely tested to its limits. After all that happened to Lila and Cade, their relationship evolved into one that should inspire anyone to keep fighting for the one you love no matter what obstacles are put in your path. Lila definitely did not get the experience she thought she was going to get when she came to Astor but she ended up gaining so much more than she thought she would and that includes Cade, the man she loves and would do anything for.


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