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Blog Tour + Review/Excerpt: Payback by Christina Phillips

Viking Bastards MC #2
By: Christina Phillips
Releasing May 1, 2017
Entangled Scorched


I don’t fuck girls who work for me, but as soon as Amelia turns those big green eyes on me I know she’s trouble. I can’t keep my hands off her, and the almost-but-not-quite-sex we share in the kitchen is the hottest thing I’ve ever had. Except she calls it quits, before we’ve even started.

Instead of moving on, she’s all I can think about and that’s bad news. I’m breaking all my rules for her, and don’t even care.

Until I find out who she is and what she really wants. She’s after payback, but there’s no way she’s going to get it. No way in hell…

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Author Info

Christina Phillips is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She writes on the sizzling side of naughty, and loves bringing her tough biker heroes to their knees (her heroines enjoy this, too ☺)

She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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I trace the outline of her ear and those three irresistible hoops. She gives a little shiver but still doesn’t grab hold of me. Guess it’s time to ease her mind on things.

I move in closer, and she steps back until she’s flat against the larder door.

“What happens between us tonight doesn’t affect your job. You understand?”
“You mean if I knee your nuts, you won’t fire me?”
Instinctively, I cradle my junk. “That wasn’t my first thought.”
Her smile damn near takes my breath away. “I bet it wasn’t. I know exactly what you’re thinking.”
“Is that right?” I’m sure my package is safe so I twist a length of her hair around my finger. It’s as soft and silky as I imagined. “What’s that, then?”
“I think you’re trying to get inside my thong.”
The image of Amelia in nothing but a sexy thong fills my head. “You got a problem with that?”
“Yeah. It’s not happening.”
My gaze drops to her mouth. “Wanna bet?”
“I don’t need to bet. I’m telling you. All you get tonight is a kiss.”
Chicks don’t lay down the law to me. But then again, I’ve never been with a girl who confuses me as much as Amelia. If she wants to leave, she could easily walk away. I won’t stop her. But she stands there, like she’s daring me to take me up on her offer.
A kiss.
I give her a mocking smile. “You’ll want more than a kiss from me.”
She doesn’t answer right away, and I hide my smirk of victory as I lean in to claim her mouth. Her head tilts to the side, evading me, which is both frustrating and oddly fascinating.
“It doesn’t matter what I want. A kiss is my best offer. Take it or leave it.”
Despite the throb between my legs, I have the crazy urge to laugh. “That’s your best offer? You sure you don’t want me to go down on you?”
For a second I swear she’s about say yes, but then she hitches in a ragged breath. “Totally sure. Keep your head right where it is.”
No chick has ever refused that offer before, and the way she’s so desperately trying to hide how turned on she is makes me grin. “Okay. But I’ll only kiss you on one condition.”
“Huh?” She sounds drunk, and blinks at me like everything’s out of focus. “You have a condition?”
“It’s only fair.”
She stares at me as though I’ve lost my mind. I think I fucking have. Not that I care, since crazy as this all is, I’ve never had as much fun hooking up before.
Finally, she speaks. “What is it?”
“I can use my hands on you.” I wave my fingers in her face and she glances at them as though she has no idea what I’m talking about.
“Okay.” There’s a cautious note in her voice as though she thinks it’s some kind of trick. “But that’s all. Just your hands.”
That’s all I need.

Revenge is the name of the game in the second book of the Viking Bastards MC series but I’m pretty sure anyone could come to that conclusion based on the title lol. Much like the first book, it starts out at Odin’s, the bar frequented by the MC but this time the Viking Bastard that is getting the spotlight is its owner, Gage Reynolds. And who has their sights on Gage, in a I-want-to-make-you-pay kind of way, well that would be Amelia Crane, or for undercover purposes Amelia Davis, who has gotten a job at Odin’s as a bartender. Her plan was to get close to Gage so that she could get information on how to bring his MC down. The only problem with this plan… well it might have something to do with the fact that she thinks he is freakin’ hot and that her body seems to react whenever he is around her. Getting close to Gage won’t be hard, it is the whole trying not to put her hands on him or have his hands on her that might be a little more difficult. Of course, if Amelia just remembers that it was Gage’s father who killed her father, who was part of the Silver Wolves MC, then it might make the whole no touching thing a lot easier.

The chemistry between Gage and Amelia is what really drew me into this book. They both had their own reservations as to why it couldn’t happen but in the end that didn’t stop them whatsoever. Gage is very much an alpha who goes after what he wants and uses whatever means necessary to get it. You can clearly see that in the excerpt above where he manipulates the situation in his favor by agreeing to only kiss Amelia but he is allowed to use his hands as well. The result is pretty explosive especially since Amelia may have grown up in the MC lifestyle when she was younger but the guys she has date before are NOTHING like Gage. Gage opens up Amelia’s world as she gets a taste of someone who is a bit more dominant but that does not mean she fully allows it. Amelia is headstrong and has come here for a purpose, to exact revenge for her father’s death, and even though things start to shift as her feelings for Gage get stronger she still holds her own when with Gage. Amelia may be swayed by Gage in some instances but in others she  stand by her beliefs and does not let Gage push them aside. It was those qualities that allowed me to love Amelia just as much as Gage.

While the beginning half of this book was hot and the sexual tension radiated off the pages between Gage and Amelia, the second half fell flat for me. Overall, I thought it moved way too fast. As a reader, I was so caught up in Gage and Amelia’s relationship, until the conflict that was building in the background just popped up and was dealt with way too quickly. I wish the second half was fleshed out a little bit more so it didn’t feel so rushed. Another thing that bothered me was how little what Amelia did as a career was talked about in the story. I understand that this is a MC romance so that is going to be the main thread running through the story but this happened in the first book as well where we get only a glimpse of what both the heroines do and nothing more. Both Amelia and Grace from the first book, Hooked, had such wonderful passions but they were only showcased for what felt like a moment. With the amount of angst that occurs in this book after secrets are revealed, if the second half was just fleshed out more I would have enjoyed this book a lot more as a whole.

Overall, though, this book did continue to fuel my love for MC romances. The sexual tension and sparks between Gage and Amelia were addicting. Gage is such a sexy delight, going after what he wanted and showing Amelia that she was just as affected as he was. The connection they had was hot as hell and so strong that you are left a little heartbroken when certain secrets are revealed and feelings get hurt. I can’t wait to continue on to the next book in this series! (Crossing my fingers that it is Kat’s story, Gage and Zach’s sister)


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