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Review: Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis

Accidentally on Purpose (Heartbreaker Bay #3)
Author: Jill Shalvis
Publication Date: January 24th, 2017
Source: Mass Market Paperback

30166217There’s no such thing as a little in love…

Elle Wheaten’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . .

There’s no such thing as a little in lust…

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. But now that she’s earned happiness and success, Archer just wants Elle 24/7. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco Earthquake, and Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as…

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along…


PSA: The Heartbreaker Bay series is one of my favorite series of the year and Jill Shalvis is a new favorite author of mine so don’t be surprised if you see more reviews on this blog in the very near future.

You know those books, the ones you finish reading that are SO good that you just want to automatically turn back to the beginning and read it all over again? Yeah, this is one of those books for me. I will go as far to say that this book has made it onto my all-time favorite books list. FYI: My ability to articulate how much I love this book might be a bit difficult but just know that I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.

Elle Wheaton is a badass, plain and simple. She is the building manager of the Pacific Pier Building which is the perfect job for her because one, she loves to be in control of everything and two, she loves to be able to boss others around. The only person she is not able to boss around is Archer Hunt, the owner of Hunt Investigations on the second floor of the building which acts as the building’s security. To say that these two have a history is an understatement. Also, the synopsis is not lying when it says that their chemistry could start the next San Francisco Earthquake because that is 100% true.

Elle and Archer’s history begins way before they both began working in the Pacific Pier Building. Their first meeting and the events surrounding it is very significant and holds a lot of weight towards how their relationship is like in the present. The fact that they have this history before we see Elle as the put-together, kickass manager is one of my favorite aspects of this book because it just magnifies the feelings they have for one another so much more.

His hand caught her, long fingers wrapping around her elbow and causing all sorts of unwelcome sensations as he pulled her back around.
“What?” she asked.
“Waiting for my apology.”
“Sure,” she said agreeably. “When hell freezes over.” She lifted her chin, grateful for her four-inch heels so that she could almost, kind of, not quite look him in the eyes.
“I’m in charge of this building, Archer, which means I’m in charge of everything that happens in it. I’m also in charge of everyone who works for this building.”
He cocked his head, looking amused again.
“You want to be the boss of me, Elle?” he asked softly.
“I am the boss of you.”

Pushing each other’s buttons is an art and those around Elle and Archer would have to be blind not to see the serious sparks that come about when they come up against one another. I’m not surprised that Elle butts head with Archer though because he is a true alpha; commands attention, intimidating, always in control, and gorgeous as f***. The build-up to when these two finally kissed was so intense, I seriously thought my book was going to burst into flames when it happened.

In addition to Elle and Archer’s story, I was also introduced to the adorable cast of characters that I have deemed the Heartbreaker Bay gang. Elle and Archer are surrounded by the best batch of friends they could ever ask for and as a reader, you fall in love with them almost instantly. This gang of secondary characters is such an essential part of these novels. They all have their unique personalities and add such a wonderful element to the book that without them, Accidentally on Purpose would be an entirely different book.

This book has so much more to it in addition to the explosive, hotter-than-hell romance and band of wonderful friends. There are laughs, some action, and a ton of heart-squeezing, all-the-feels moments. Honestly, I could not recommend this book more.

You MUST read it!!

5 stars



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