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2018 Reading Goals

Happy New Year!

Now that it is officially 2018, it is time for me to make my reading goals for the year. Since I failed miserably in completing the goals I made for myself, I made sure to make REASONABLE reading goals for this year and I think I managed to do it!

Here are the 8 reading goals I came up with:

1. Read 60 books this year.

I managed to read 52 books in 2017 so setting my overall reading goal to read 60 books doesn’t seem like it will be too hard. I already know I have a ton of books to review in January so I don’t think this will be a problem to accomplish. Fingers crossed.

2. Read 10 new-to-me authors.

I discovered some amazing authors last year like Kate Meader and Harper Sloan so I want to continue to discover more. There are so many romance authors I have heard about and I have yet to read their books. That is going to change especially since I own books by these authors!

Here are some authors I want to get to this year:

-Vi Keeland

-Emma Scott

-Amy Harmon

-Krista and Becca Ritchie

-Brittany C. Cherry

-Rachel Van Dyken

-Kennedy Fox

-R.S. Grey

-A.L. Jackson

-Meghan March

-Mia Sheridan

Nalini Singh

-Kandi Steiner

-T.M. Frazier

-Mariana Zapata

3. Read 5 new series.

I set this at 10 last year and that was a HUGE mistake because I think I read maybe two series. This year, I am going to pick three series that I know I want to read and go from there since I will probably discover new series this year along the way.

The series I want to read:

The Others series by Anne Bishop

Born In trilogy by Nora Roberts

All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness


4. Re-read/Finish three series.

This is another goal that I set for 10 last year and I can tell you I didn’t accomplish this at all. So, this year I have lowered it to three because that is much more reasonable.

Here are the series I want to re-read/finish:

The Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill

Unknown-8(photo credit:

Dare to Love series by Carly Phillips

Unknown-9(photo credit:

Reign of Secrets series by Jennifer Anne Davis

5. Read 15 or more books on my bookshelf.

2017 was the year of constant book buying for me and as a result, I now have about 100 books that don’t fit on my bookshelf. So, one way to make room is to start reading the books on my bookshelf. Only the books I really liked or loved are going to stay on my bookshelf once I have read so I need to start reading and see how many fit that category.

6. Catch up on NetGalley TBR.

My NetGalley TBR has not only been neglected but has also gotten a bit out of hand so I am hoping to read some of the books on there so as to make it much more manageable.

7. Read more outside of romance genre-wise.

If you couldn’t surmise from the name of my blog, I LOVE romance and therefore mostly read romance. But, I do like reading other genres like young adult, fantasy, and mystery/thrillers so I want to get back to those genres this year. The series I have picked to read or re-read/finish will definitely help with that.

8. Unhaul books/e-books that I know I won’t read.

As was mentioned above, I have accumulated a very large number of books in 2017 and those are just the physical books, don’t get me started on the status of my e-books. But a huge goal this year is to de-clutter my life and that includes the books I own. So, I am going to be going through my books and e-books and getting rid of the ones I know I won’t read. It is going to be a long process since I have about 1,000 books (physical and e-books combined) but it is absolutely necessary since I have no room left on my bookshelf.

Those are my reading goals for 2018!

What reading goals have you set for 2018?

Tell me down below in the comments!


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2017 Reading Goals

As always I was hoping to get this up a little sooner but there are just SO many books I want to read this year! And then of course there is the little voice inside my head saying, “Be reasonable, Rosanna, are you really going to have time to read ALL those books” which makes things a little difficult because obviously I have to be realistic as I am a grad student therefore homework will be involved .

BUT, I am on break from graduate school right now meaning I have a ton of time to read when I’m not working. I am taking full advantage and trying to read as many books as I can. Luckily, I am taking a teen’s collection class and we have to read one or two YA books a week so at least I will be able to have some fun doing my homework once my semester starts

*Oh before I forget, I should mention, that I am currently pursuing my master’s in Library and Information Science as it is my dream of being a children’s or teen’s librarian one day (haven’t decided on which yet) so that is why I am taking a teen’s collection class.

Ok, ramble over, now back to the main reason of this blog post:


So in order to not get TOO carried away, I have limited myself to seven reading goals for this year. Now some might say even that is too much but TRUST me when I tell you there were more… MUCH more, before I narrowed them down to these seven. I will say that a lot of my goals will be series themed because there are just SO many series I haven’t read yet and I want to remedied that. I have kind of unofficially dubbed this year as “The Year of Series”.

1. Read 90 books

Now, this is the goal that I have set for myself on Goodreads and as you can see I have already made progress and finished one book. Hopefully I will be able to reach this goal as it was my goal for last year and sadly I was not able to.


2. Read at least 10 new series

Some series that are on my radar for this are the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott, the Wild Aces series by Chanel Cleeton, the White House duet by Katy Evans, the VIP duet by Kristen Callihan, the Dirty Deeds series by J. Daniels, and many more.

3. Re-read/finish at least 10 series I have already started

The top two series that I most want to re-read/finish are the Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill and the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Both of them are LONG overdue.

4. Read at least 25 series

5. Read 30 books on my bookshelf


So I have this problem, well its not exactly a problem per say, more of a habit where I will read books that are NOT the ones on my bookshelf. It seems pretty crazy considering I have an ENTIRE bookcase full of books but I just love checking books out of the library or acquiring new ARCs through Netgalley and reading those instead. So this year I am showing my beautiful bookcase some love (see left).

6. Complete the Debut Author Challenge 2017

I stumbled across this challenge on a whim really and immediately fell in love with the idea because it gave me the chance to read more YA and discover some new authors. I mostly read romance but I still love my YA so I am hoping to re-discover that love by completing this challenge and reading 12 books. If you are interested in joining the challenge, it was created by Jana over @ That Artsy Reader Girl. I already own an ARC copy of one of the books on the list found on Goodreads, Gilded Cage by Vic James (featured above), so I know at least one of the books I am going to read.

7. Read more books on my NetGalley TBR

So, I am not even going to mention my feedback percentage on Netgalley because it is just embarrassing. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to read the ARCs that I have gotten through NetGalley but feel that I have been neglecting them severely. So my goal is to not only read more of the books on my NetGalley TBR but also at least double my feedback percentage.

I can’t wait to get started on these reading goals! I have a really good feeling about this year and I am excited to see what new books and authors I discover.

Also, what are your reading goals? Comment down below, I would love to hear about them or post a link if you have talked about it on your blog.