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2018 Reading Goals

Happy New Year!

Now that it is officially 2018, it is time for me to make my reading goals for the year. Since I failed miserably in completing the goals I made for myself, I made sure to make REASONABLE reading goals for this year and I think I managed to do it!

Here are the 8 reading goals I came up with:

1. Read 60 books this year.

I managed to read 52 books in 2017 so setting my overall reading goal to read 60 books doesn’t seem like it will be too hard. I already know I have a ton of books to review in January so I don’t think this will be a problem to accomplish. Fingers crossed.

2. Read 10 new-to-me authors.

I discovered some amazing authors last year like Kate Meader and Harper Sloan so I want to continue to discover more. There are so many romance authors I have heard about and I have yet to read their books. That is going to change especially since I own books by these authors!

Here are some authors I want to get to this year:

-Vi Keeland

-Emma Scott

-Amy Harmon

-Krista and Becca Ritchie

-Brittany C. Cherry

-Rachel Van Dyken

-Kennedy Fox

-R.S. Grey

-A.L. Jackson

-Meghan March

-Mia Sheridan

Nalini Singh

-Kandi Steiner

-T.M. Frazier

-Mariana Zapata

3. Read 5 new series.

I set this at 10 last year and that was a HUGE mistake because I think I read maybe two series. This year, I am going to pick three series that I know I want to read and go from there since I will probably discover new series this year along the way.

The series I want to read:

The Others series by Anne Bishop

Born In trilogy by Nora Roberts

All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness


4. Re-read/Finish three series.

This is another goal that I set for 10 last year and I can tell you I didn’t accomplish this at all. So, this year I have lowered it to three because that is much more reasonable.

Here are the series I want to re-read/finish:

The Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill

Unknown-8(photo credit:

Dare to Love series by Carly Phillips

Unknown-9(photo credit:

Reign of Secrets series by Jennifer Anne Davis

5. Read 15 or more books on my bookshelf.

2017 was the year of constant book buying for me and as a result, I now have about 100 books that don’t fit on my bookshelf. So, one way to make room is to start reading the books on my bookshelf. Only the books I really liked or loved are going to stay on my bookshelf once I have read so I need to start reading and see how many fit that category.

6. Catch up on NetGalley TBR.

My NetGalley TBR has not only been neglected but has also gotten a bit out of hand so I am hoping to read some of the books on there so as to make it much more manageable.

7. Read more outside of romance genre-wise.

If you couldn’t surmise from the name of my blog, I LOVE romance and therefore mostly read romance. But, I do like reading other genres like young adult, fantasy, and mystery/thrillers so I want to get back to those genres this year. The series I have picked to read or re-read/finish will definitely help with that.

8. Unhaul books/e-books that I know I won’t read.

As was mentioned above, I have accumulated a very large number of books in 2017 and those are just the physical books, don’t get me started on the status of my e-books. But a huge goal this year is to de-clutter my life and that includes the books I own. So, I am going to be going through my books and e-books and getting rid of the ones I know I won’t read. It is going to be a long process since I have about 1,000 books (physical and e-books combined) but it is absolutely necessary since I have no room left on my bookshelf.

Those are my reading goals for 2018!

What reading goals have you set for 2018?

Tell me down below in the comments!


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