Midnight strikes and it is officially Day 2 of READ-O-RAMA and because I have become a night owl these days, I am wide awake and therefore ready to do some reading. I continued on with All Fall Down and after a little over 3 hours of reading, I managed to finish the book and complete my first challenge of this read-a-thon!

All Fall Down only got better as I began the last part of the book and, of course it was jam packed with a worldwide of things ranging from action to suspense to a lot of emotions as Grace and the readers finally find out what happened the night her mother was murdered. And let me tell you this, I thought I had a pretty good idea  based on what had happened so far and my previous knowledge of watching a ton of tv shows revolving around murder but I was SERIOUSLY SURPRISED when it was revealed what had really happened. I am not going to give too much away because that would be spoiling things and that is just cruel but I will say that it sets readers up for the next book as this is the first book in a series by Ally Carter. If you do read this, be prepared for the ending because it is not like a huge cliffhanger but it definitely peaks your interest causing you to be like “What is going to happen next?’ I have a lot questions but of course all I can do is wait until the next book comes out. Ugh, I hate waiting.

Overall, my rating for this book was 4/5 stars. Though it was slow in the beginning it started getting better piece by piece as the story progressed and even managed to surprise me in the end. Look for a review on this book, which will be coming soon!

So, it is almost 4 am and I am still not tired which just goes to show how truly messed up my sleep schedule is, leaving me with only one choice which is to choose my next book to read. I decide to move upwards on the list of challenges to #3 which is to read a fantasy book so I grab Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and start reading.

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks is a young adult fantasy romance book and it is the first book in The Syrena Legacy series. This series is a fantasy read because it is about mermaids which is not something I have not read about before but I have heard tons of people talk about this series on Booktube so I decided to pick it up and give it a try.

12425532The book revolves around Emma who in the beginning is on vacation with her best friend in Florida when she literally runs into a guy on the boardwalk. That guy turns out to be Galen and as soon as they meet they both feel a connection to one another. But Galen’s connection to Emma is not initially purely romantic as he is mermaid, or merman, I guess that is the correct term lol. But he not just any ordinary merman, Galen is the prince of Syrena and is on land in search of something for his kingdom. He believes that Emma is a Syrena like he is even though she appears to be 100% human We find out that that is not exactly the case when readers catch a glimpse of Emma’s “gifts” involving an incident with a not-so-nice shark. After tragedy strikes though, Emma starts school again but can’t seem to get rid of Galen and the two start hanging out with each other as Galen tries to convince Emma she is someone important to him and his kingdom.

I only read the first two chapter of Of Poseidon before I finally got tired but I immediately liked the author’s writing and the fact that the book switches between Emma’s and Galen’s point of view. I love when authors write from dual perspectives because then you get a feel for how both characters are feelings especially when there are hints of romance involved.

After waking up around noon, I did a little bit of reading participating in one of the reading sprints via Twitter. After that I stopped reading for a bit and then decided to again to read around 3:15pm for about 45 minutes. After all my sporadic reading sessions today, I am only on p. 72 of Of Poseidon which I am not too happy about, but I was busy applying to a job at Barnes and Nobles today during my non-reading time.

The book is definitely good even though there was a tragic event that happens in the beginning. I really connected with Emma and what she is going through during the aftermath of it. Despite that, I love her interactions with Galen after he just shows up and starts going to her school. They banter back and forth but there is still that obvious attraction to one another which can be a little hot at times. I also love the secondary characters. Rayna and Rachel are funny and definitely keep you entertained especially Rayna who has her own problems to deal with when Toraf, who is Galen’s best friend, shows up. You also learn a lot about the mermaid world within this book and how Galen plays a part in it. I am definitely interested to see if Galen’s hunches about Emma are true because they are that is going to throw wrench in things for them romantically which is NOT going to make me happy lol (What can I say, I’m a girl who loves her romance),

At the moment, I would rate this book as  3.5/5 stars but I have a feeling it is going to get better. Seeing as I know I am going to be staying up again tonight, hopefully I can finish this book before I go to sleep. Check back in tomorrow on my progress for Day 3 of READ-O-RAMA!!

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