READ-O-RAMA Day 3 & 4

My reading for the last two days has been less than stellar hence the fact that I am combining my progress for these two days into one blogpost.

For Day 3 of READ-O-RAMA, I read a total of 25 pages of Of Poseidon. ONLY 25 PAGES!!!! I mean given the fact that this is a read-a-thon, that is like awful. I couldn’t even believe it when I calculated the number of pages, I honestly thought there was a mistake or something. In the end, I blame Netflix and Youtube as I pretty much alternated between the two for the past two days.

Day 4 got a little bit better. I managed to read about 100 pages of Of Poseidon. I was planning on finishing it before midnight but again Netflix and Youtube happened. Plus I finally organized my book stacks in my room. (Check out my Instagram to see how they turned out!)

From what I have read so far, Of Poseidon is so cute and even funny at times. Emma and Galen’s bickering is adorable because Emma is so independent and feisty and won’t listen to Galen when he kind of orders her to do things. Their relationship continues to grow as Emma gets used to her new powers and learns a little bit more about who she is. I also love Rayna and Toraf and would love to see them have their own story. Overall, it is super cute and has make me giddy at times which is definitely a plus in my book.

Despite this though, I would still rate this book 3.5/5 stars at this point  because it is not wowing me. I am a fan of romance so I have read quite a few books that have left a lasting impression and this one is not up there with them but it is still a really sweet story. Emma and Galen’s relationship really carries the story for me despite the fact that I chose this more to complete the challenge of reading a fantasy book. The mermaid storyline is definitely interesting but it takes a backseat to the romance for me.

I hope to finish this ASAP and that means that I will complete my 2nd challenge for READ-O-RAMA. Stay tuned and look out for a review for Of Poseidon soon!

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