Day 5 started out with me finishing Of Poseidon by Anna Banks at around 2:10 am. Yes, my sleep schedule is still off but I see it as a blessing because then I have more time to read. Of course sleeping is good too and sleeping like a regular person is even better. Oh well, #bookwormproblems I guess.

My overall rating for Of Poseidon was 3.5/5 stars which is what I had it at  in my last two blogposts and I might even bump it down to 3/5 stars. I did debate my rating a little because I honestly thought I would have liked it more but as the ending came around I felt kind of indifferent. I didn’t have the same reaction I did at the end as I did with All Fall Down which is not the best book to use as a comparison because the are different genres but still I found myself more excited for the second book of All Fall Down than for the second book in this series. Honestly, I think it was the last 50 pages of the book that lead me to how I am feeling because don’t get me wrong I liked this book. I thought it was really cute and I definitely want to continue with the series but still there wasn’t any distinct reaction at the end. The ending sets you up for the next book because it leaves you with a sort of cliffhanger but I think I would have reacted more strongly to that ending if I was really invested in the story. I still enjoyed the book and will be continuing with the series regardless.

As for the next book I am going to read, I teetered between the challenge of re-reading a book or to read an e-book. Also, I have decided to change the book that I am going to read as my e-book because the book I have in mind I got approved to read by NetGalley before it is released and since I recently just started using NetGalley I want to use this opportunity to read and review this book for them.

I finally decided to do the challenge of reading an e-book next since the new book I have chosen goes off of NetGalley very soon, as in like 4 days. The new e-book I will be reading is Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson. This book will be released on July 7th, so not too far from now, and it is a young adult contemporary romance. Seeing as I will be reviewingit for NetGalley, expect a review on here as well within the next week.

My reading for the rest of the day was about an hour and a half at around 10pm. Yes, that’s right, 10PM! I was hoping to read more but was a little more pre-occupied with the many job applications I have been completing in hopes of finding a summer job. The joys of being an adult lol.

I started Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson and have read about 15% according to my Kindle app. So far, it is a cute read and I am excited to keep reading it. Music plays a huge part in this book as Robin, who is main female character of the book, is an aspiring musician who works at a diner saving up money to buy a new guitar. The book is told from two different character’s perspectives which I absolutely love and the second one is from Carter, who is Robin’s love interest.

The interesting thing about this novel is that Carter, as I found out at the end of the first chapter, is deaf. I have only read one other book with these kind of elements and that was Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. I have a feeling though that this book will not be the same as Maybe Someday because I get the feeling it is a more lighthearted YA read. I am intrigued to see how this book will unfold.

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