READ-O-RAMA Day 6 & 7

As seen by the title above, I combined my progress for Day 6 and 7 into one blogpost because my reading for that day was less than I had hoped. The only progress I can account for on that day is that I continued reading Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson.images

What I can say, from what I read, is that this book continues to be adorably cute as you read about how Robin and Carter’s summer romance unfolds. It is everything you want a summer romance to be and all I could do was smile and giggle while I was reading. I also enjoyed delving into the mind of someone who is deaf because I was able to learn a lot more about what they experience and how they acclimate in certain situations.

As Day 7, the last and final day of READ-O-RAMA, rolled around, I was determined to finish Song of Summer so that I could successfully finish one more book for this read-a-thon but also because my window to review this for NetGalley was closing. 30 minutes before midnight, that goal was achieved and I finished Song of Summer 🙂

The cuteness continued between Robin and Carter even if they did have some nuisances to deal with in the form of her ex-boyfriend Trent who I ended up thoroughly despising till the very end. The romance blossomed and there were even some passionate moments between the two of them. But Robin and Carter’s very obvious differences, she loves music and he is deaf and therefore can never hear music, started to surface after being pushed aside for a while by the whirlwind romance causing reality to come knocking.

I don’t want to go into too many more details because A) I will be doing a review on this book ASAP so look forward to that and B) I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything. Overall though, I really enjoyed this book. I gave it 4/5 stars and was so glad that I picked it up especially since it is Laura Lee Anderson’s debut novel.

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