READ-O-RAMA is officially over, which is sad, but now it is time for me to do my wrap-up on the books that I read, the challenges I was able to complete, and more.

This the second read-a-thon that I have participated in and I had a lot of fun participating on Twitter as well as reading the books I had chosen. I was not able to complete all the challenges that they created but the amount of reading I did do was great!

Looking back at my TBR for this read-a-thon, I said that it would be amazing if I could complete all 7 challenges. But, I also realized that I might not be able to do that due to other things going on in my life.
In any case, here is how things went down:

1. Read 7 books (maybe) *7th book – The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
2. Read a middle grade book: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
3. Read a fantasy: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks red-checkmark
4. Read a book with blue on the cover: All Fall Down by Ally Carter red-checkmark
5. Re-read a book: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover
6. Read a book that makes R-A-M-A using the title/author: Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young
7. Read an e-book or an audiobook: Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! by Kay Marie Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson red-checkmark

Total # of books read/challenges completed: 3
Total # of pages read: 884

I am really happy with the amount of reading I got done for this read-a-thon even if I didn’t read all the books I had planned on reading. The books I did read, though, I enjoyed a lot. Reviews for all three books will be up on this blog ASAP but here are my rating for each of them:

All Fall Down by Ally Carter – 4/5 stars
Of Poseidon by Anna Banks – 3.5/5 stars
Song of Summer by Laura Lee Anderson – 4/5 stars

**Check out my daily blogs for each day of the read-a-thon to see my thoughts of these books as I was reading them**

I had so much fun doing this read-a-thon and I can not wait for the next one! I hope you enjoyed seeing me document my progress over this past week because I will probably be doing it for the next read-a-thon I participate in. Till next time… Happy Reading 🙂

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