Oh look, I am doing yet another read-a-thon! It seems like all I do is read-a-thons these days but I can’t help it, I just love them. Not only are they fun if there are challenges to complete but also it gives you the opportunity to read as much as possible. For me, read-a-thons also act as a form of motivation to read because I can get distracted by other things aka Netflix. I am excited to start another read-a-thon even if this one is only 3 days long.

The read-a-thon that I will be participating in is #CRUSHYOURTBR (hint, the title of this blogpost totally gave it away already lol). #CRUSHYOURTBR is a monthly read-a-thon that is hosted by Raeleen, or padfootandprongs07 over on Youtube and Jacquelyn, who has a great blog called YA Bookmark. This month, the read-a-thon will be happening from July 17th to July 19th and if you want you can check out the read-a-thon’s Twitter account here. There are no challenges for this read-a-thon. Basically, if you could not already tell from the title, the purpose of this read-a-thon is to crush your TBR, or to-be-read pile. It gives readers a chance to try and make as big of a dent in their TBR pile as possible.

For me, my TBR is not a definitive number of books that I am trying to read because I add books to it almost everyday. If I were to be completely honest with myself, my TBR pile is never-ending because I want to just read as many books as I can for the rest of my life, and given the amount of new books that are written each year trying to have a set in stone TBR pile is impossible. So for read-a-thons like this one, I just focus on the books that are on my radar at that moment in time.

I am currently home spending time with my family and relaxing in my hometown so I did not bring that many books home with me. Of course, I have plenty of books I could choose from for this read-a-thon in my old bedroom’s library but instead I am going to focus on the books I was approved to read through NetGalley as well as a book I brought home with me that I picked up from the library back in Boston. I have chosen 3 books that I hope to read this weekend but I am leaving room for a 4th book just in case I do extremely well. A girl’s got to be ambitious right?

Here are 3 books I have chosen: (the 4th will be decided after I visit my second home tomorrow aka my town’s library)

1. Heart and Sole by Miranda Liaison
2. Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano
3. Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin
4. *stay tuned – will be revealed tomorrow*

Unknown-2    Unknown-6    Unknown-8

I will be doing daily blogposts on my progress over the next 3 days so stay tuned for that especially since I will be revealing the 4th book I hope to read in tomorrow’s blogpost. If anyone is interested in participating, check out the read-a-thon’s Twitter page! You can also leave a comment here, if you want, so I can see who else is doing it.

Bye for now bookworms and as always, happy reading 🙂

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