So, if you can tell by the title, this is not one of my daily progress blogposts that I was planning on doing for #CRAMATHON. #CRAMATHON is officially over, and due to the fact that I did not do daily progress blogposts for each of the 4 days I would say it was not my most successful read-a-thon. I mean, it was only the third read-a-thon I have participated in but still, this girl had some ambitious goals. Regardless of that though, I did get some reading in so it was not a complete loss.

From Day 1, I was ready to take on the challenges and do my best to complete ALL of them but then life decided to swoop in and make things a little more complicated. Sidetracked, my reading fell by the wayside for the almost all of the read-a-thon and if I had to guess I would say I read a total of 6 hours over the course of the last 4 days. But during those 6 hours, I was able to complete 2 of the 7 challenges and for that I am pretty pleased with myself. *gives myself pat on back* (Ok… technically I completed my second challenge after the read-a-thon ended but it was like 35 minutes past the end time so I am totally counting it given the very little reading I did overall during #CRAMATHON).

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s see how well I did, and I use the word “well” very lightly in this case, in regards to the challenges:

1. Read a children’s book Nancy Drew #18: The Mystery at the Moss-covered Mansion by Carolyn Keene red-checkmark
2. Read a hardback A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
3. Read 2 books in 24 hours
4. Read a graphic novel The Iron King the graphic novel by Julie Kagawa
5. Read a book written in verse How to (Un)Cage a Girl by Francesca Lia Block
6. Read a novella Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella by Samantha Young red-checkmark
7. Read 5 books total

Total # of books read/challenges completed: 2
Total # of pages read: 274

I managed to read one book and one novella which I have realized is pretty good considering all the things that decided to materialize in my life right after I started this read-a-thon. Both books that I read I enjoyed, because one brought me back to my childhood while the other let me see more of one of my new favorite book couples. Below are my ratings for each book:

Nancy Drew #18: The Mystery at the Moss-covered Mansion by Carolyn Keene – 3/5 stars
Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella by Samantha Young – 5/5 stars

**Reviews for these books are pending at the moment. If you would like to see one for either of these books, please let me know in the comments below**

My expectations for this read-a-thon may have been set a little high, as I did not foresee what life was going to throw at me when I started it but in the end I still loved participating in another read-a-thon and like always I can’t wait for the next one. Till next time… Happy Reading 🙂

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