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Blog Tour: Kissed By Water

Hope everyone has been enjoying the blog tour posts here on Reaffirming My Bookworm Status because this week will be blog tour central. I just wanted to say in advance that I am so thankful to be a part of each of these tours.

Today’s blog tour post is for Kissed by Water by Delwyn Jenkins. It is an action packed fantasy with a romance that is equal parts hot and heart-wrenching (in a good way!). Get ready to be taken on a journey with this one because you won’t regret it!

Kissed by Water
The Watchtower Chronicles #3
By: Delwyn Jenkins
Releasing September 24, 2015
Kissed By WaterCharlotte McLaren is tired of being the good girl – the shy, gentle soul that everyone tiptoes around in case she startles. She wants to be strong and decisive, as powerful and independent as her Witch-sisters. She’s determined to join in the fight against their enemy and to do that she has to challenge everything she’s been taught to believe.

Tristan, a Watchtower Knight, has spent three agonizing months locked in a hell of dark magic – and he emerges a changed man. No longer fun and carefree, there’s a darkness in him now that stalks and prowls, just waiting to escape. A darkness he’s desperate to keep from everyone he cares about, especially the lovely Charlotte.

But his water Witch lures him with her innocence and determination, making demands he’s not sure he can fulfill. His honor demands he walk away, but his heart already knows it’s too late.

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Author Spotlight

DelwynDelwyn Jenkins likes radical career changes. After serving in the Australian Navy for ten years (and being exceptionally disciplined) she switched to a full-time university Arts student (where getting out of bed before 11am proved traumatic). She’s worked as a teacher, an editor, and now writes full time – a career she plans to stick with for as long as anyone wants to read her stories.

She’s an avid reader and movie-goer, an amateur belly dancer, and a disinterested cook. She live on the beautiful south-east coast of Australia where the changeable weather suits her mercurial nature. She writes sexy, sensual paranormal romance as Delwyn Jenkins and also writes erotic romance under the pen-name DJ Michaels.

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First off, let me say that this is the first book that I have read in The Watchtower Chronicles and due to that my understanding of the world and the characters was not as well rounded as opposed to if I had read the previous two novels. With that being said though, I was still able to get swept up in this fantastical world full of strong, badass Witches and their sexy, chivalrous Watchtower Knights. It is because of this that I fully intend to read the previous two novel and continue on with the series.
Before I get to the protagonists of this action-packed fantasy romance, I just want to gush on how amazingly detailed the world was. As a reader who has no previous knowledge or context of the world in The Watchtower Chronicles, I very much appreciated how much detail was provided by the author not only in the beginning of the novel but also throughout. In fantasy books such as these, the world building is a key component because without it the reader is lost and confused in regards to what is going on. That is not the case here at all. From the first chapter you are sucked in, as you are introduced to Tristan and the agony he is facing given the circumstances he is in. Not long after that you are introduced to Charlotte, who is a water Witch, and from there you learn about the magic system in the book which, I absolutely loved! The idea of the Quatre and how it is made up of four Witches, each who possess the powers of one of the 4 elements (air, earth, fire, water) was so fascinating to me especially given the fact that they, as women, are viewed as the ones who truly hold the power. Strong, capable women characters are something I adore reading about because you just instinctively root for them from the very beginning no matter what.
I also loved the concept of where Charlotte and her Quatre lived and studied the harnessing of their powers. The Collegium is basically just like a magical college but it is interesting that it located in the World Between, which is  another realm that exists next to but separate from the real world. In the Collegium, the time period is pushed back from modern times as technology is banned and the Witches must where laced bodices and long full skirts instead of normal clothes one would expect. The modern world make an appearance once or twice in the novel which is so intriguing to picture given how different the elements in both worlds are when positioned side by side.
And now for Charlotte and Tristan, whose love for one another has grown over the span of the first two books and comes to a pivotal point in this novel. It is clear the lengths these two will go for each other, even if they are resistant to admit their feelings for each other, due to the fact that Charlotte risks her life in the beginning pages of the book in order to get Tristan out of the turmoil he is in. I will say, that  I had to keep in mind that Tristan and Charlotte’s love story most likely began in small moments throughout the first two books so the degree of love they have for one another in this book has already developed quite far. This context was important for me because I did not want to write off their love as insta-love because it clearly wasn’t. You could see the just how much they cared for one another especially in Charlotte’s actions in the first few chapters. They risked their lives for one another without hesitation and I found that to be so noble and so captivating.
Tristan has definitely changed from who he was in the first two books which makes me want to go back and read how he was in the first two books. Regardless of that, you still get to see glimpses of the old him especially when he is seducing Charlotte, who by all means is described as the good girl who does what is expected of her. Their dynamic together was so entertaining to read especially when shy Charlotte turned badass and stood up to Tristan, telling him not to assume that he knows what she wants. I was able to relate to Charlotte through her personality traits of being shy and not wanting to attract attention to herself but I also was so proud of her when she took control and put Tristan in his place. Overall, their relationship stands the test of time as obstacles are put in their way. As the reader, all you can do is hold your breath and root for them to fight past them and be together.
You’ve got an imaginative, unique magic system and world, a romance that will capture your heart, and even a battle of good versus evil that will leave you on the edge of your seats. These are just some of the reasons why you should not hesitate to go and pick up this spectacular fantasy romance novel by Dewlyn Jenkins.



Tristan followed Charlotte to the tables set up in the dappled shadows of the roof garden. Waiting until she took her seat Tristan pulled out a chair and sat next to her. She leaned on the table, turned her head slightly to look at him and his gut churned in an unsettling prescience.
She licked her lips – a nervous habit he normally found endearing. Right now it just set him on edge. “Tristan, I want to ask you something.”
No. He knew what she was going to ask and he couldn’t let the words leave her lips. He was afraid if she gathered the courage to make the request he wouldn’t be able to deny her. And he had to.
“Charlotte, I can’t.” He fisted his hands in his lap so he didn’t reach for her. “I’m so sorry.”
The dejected slump of her shoulders was akin to a slap, and he felt the pain of it right down to his soul. She took three breaths, then four, and on the fifth she straightened her spine and looked him in the eye. “I haven’t actually asked anything yet.”
“You don’t need to.” His heart slammed against his ribs and the need to say yes warred with the necessity of saying no. “I can only think of one thing that would charge your energy with that particular mix of fear, determination and want. You intend to trigger your Quickening, and with the connection we’ve forged, you’re considering me as a partner.”
She stared at him and he sat quietly, allowing her the time to come up with a considered response.
“Do you have any idea how hard this is for me?” Her voice was steady but her agitation rolled off her in waves.
“Yes, I do.” Before he could stop himself, he reached out and he placed his hand over hers. “I know you, Charlotte, your strengths and frailties. You don’t want to be left behind by Kam and Mycah and you don’t want to be the weak link in your Quatre.”
There were so many reasons he was a bad choice for her – he was a womanizer, incapable of forming relationships that lasted more than a couple days. He was a Knight, bound to the service of the Watchtower and compelled to live his life in the World Between. Charlotte deserved someone who could be there for her, who could commit to her in the way she deserved.
And knowing all that, he still would have been bastard enough to say yes before his foray into the dark. Regardless of the sensible reasons they were wrong for each other, right now the only thing keeping him in check was his need to protect her from the darkness.
He couldn’t tell her that, of course. So he stuck with the most obvious truth. “You need a male who will care for you, Char. One who will lead the dance slow and easy, who won’t push you further than you want to go.”
Charlotte’s mouth dropped and the look of horror on her face froze the words on his tongue. Jerking out of his grasp she lurched to her feet, knocking her chair to the ground and panting as if she’d run a mile.
“You total idiot. You don’t see me at all, do you?” She took a couple of unsteady steps and her voice rose.

“Do you think that’s who I am? Some timid rabbit that has to be led around on a ribbon because she’s too stupid and cowardly to go after what she wants?”

“What? No, of course not –”
“Be quiet! I’m talking now.”
Tristan clamped his mouth shut. Charlotte may not be a timid rabbit, but she was no lion either. The fact that she was angry enough to yell at him told him just how far he’d missed the mark.
She stalked closer, her body almost vibrating with rage. It was Charlotte as he’d never seen her and he had no idea what to make of it. Leaning down, she placed her hands on the arms of his chair and lowered her face until they were eye to eye.
“What I want,” she said, her voice low and seething, “is to live. I want passion and excitement. I want to dance in the rain and kiss in the moonlight. I want reckless and edgy, not boring and safe. A lot of things changed while you were asleep, Tristan the Seducer. Don’t presume to know me or what I want anymore.”
Charlotte spun away from him and stalked across the lawn and down the stairs. Tristan was so shocked, so utterly gobsmacked, he did nothing but watch her go. If his sweet Charlotte turned wild and reckless, he had no idea how he was going to resist taking her to bed – no matter how necessary that resistance might be.

Has what you’ve read so far got you wanting more?
Then why not pick up Kissed by Water by Delwyn Jenkins and begin your journey into the World Between today?

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