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BookTube-A-Thon TBR 2016

It’s that time of the year again! The BookTube-A-Thon has officially started as of yesterday and of course I am super late in getting my TBR together for it. Oops…

For anyone who does not know what the BookTube-A-Thon is, it is this absolutely amazing and utterly fantastic read-a-thon that was created by Ariel Bissett. This year, the read-a-thon runs from July 18th to July 24th and just about everyone I know in the Booktube community on Youtube is participating in it. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity either considering how much I love doing read-a-thons 🙂

For more information, check out the Youtube page for the BookTube-A-Thon here.

As always, there are reading challenges as well as video and Instagram challenges for each day of the read-a-thon. Considering how busy I am this week, I am going to be sticking to only the reading challenges. Trying to read seven books this week might be a bit of a stretch but I am going to see if I can do it. What can I say, I am always up for a challenge especially when it involves reading 🙂

Here are this year’s reading challenges and the books I have chosen for each one:

1. Read a book with yellow on the cover.
Unknown-3.jpegBrown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

I have been meaning to read this book for SO long especially since I have the chance to see Jacqueline Woodson speak about the book here in Boston and was able to get my copy signed by her! Jacqueline Woodson is a very well known author who writes about characters of color. This is also told in verse which is great because I do not read that much poetry

2. Read a book only after sunset.
Unknown-4Velvet by Temple West

A book that I can only read after sunset lead me to look for a book that had two things: 1. vampires and 2. romance. I mean vampires and the dark go hand in hand plus reading a romance before bed sounds perfect to me 🙂

3. Read a book you discovered through booktube.
Unknown-5Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Way before this book blew up because of the movie that just recently came out, I discovered it through many a booktuber so this book has been on my radar for a VERY LONG time. This was a possibility to use for the book-to-movie adaption challenge considering I haven’t seen the movie yet but I chose another one instead for reasons that will be known down below.

4. Read a book by one of your favourite authors.
Unknown-6Seaside Lovers by Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is one of my more recent favorite authors after having the opportunity to read a couple of her books for blog tours I was a part of. I have been lucky once more because this is also an ARC for her new book that actually comes out TOMORROW! I am reviewing it for a blog tour next week so this the perfect time for me to read it 🙂

5. Read a book that is older than you.
Unknown-7The Spider Sapphire Mystery (1968) by Carolyn Keene

I was considering reading a classic for this challenge given the fact that a majority of them are definitely older than me but the ones I had in mind were too long. So instead I turned to the only other books I owned that were not only relatively short but also definitely older than me: my trusted Nancy Drew books. These books basically represent my childhood so I am so glad to be able to read one again.

6. Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation.
Unknown-2The Longest Ride
by Nicholas Sparks

I knew straight away that I wanted to read this book for this challenge because it is hands down my #1 favorite Nicholas Sparks movie. Yes, I saw the movie before I read the book and yes, I think it was better than The Notebook (Two words: Scott Eastwood). I recently found a copy of this for under $2 at a thrift store and was so excited because I have wanted to read so that I could have an excuse to watch the movie again and see how it holds up to the book.

7. Read seven books.
Unknown-3Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

Picking a seventh book was very hard considering I have over 300 books to pick from. I ended up choosing Tell Me Three Things because the cover is so adorable and also because Jessica from PeaceLoveBooksxo said she really liked it. PeaceLoveBooksxo is one of my favorite booktubers. She is a fellow romance lover so we have very similar tastes in books which so great because not many booktubers like to read romance.

Fingers crossed that I can read all of these books this week!!

Check back in at the end of the week for my wrap up to see if I was successful 🙂

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