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#AlreadyOwnItAugust 2016

So after my latest book haul of a whopping 29 books which is a lot for me to buy in one sitting, I came to the realization that I now own over 300 books.

Now I know what you are thinking if you are a fellow bookworm like me, owning over 300 books is NOT a bad thing. Except for the fact that after cataloging each of the books I own, and yes I catalogued every book that I own because I am also a future librarian lol, I also discovered that I have only read about 15% of the books that I own (thank you Google Sheets for that lovely tidbit). That number is not something I am particularly happy with. Add on the fact that my roommate reminds me numerous times just how many of the books I own I have not read yet and I knew I had to do something to remedy this. See, I also have a brand new bookcase to fill and I know for a fact that all 300+ books are not going to fit into it so I would also like to take this opportunity to unhaul any books that didn’t dazzle me. I should also mention I have over 250 ebooks on my Kindle app as well and I know for a fact I have only read a small percentage of them so ebooks are also included.

In order to read more of the books I own and not get distracted by the pretty new books at the library, the main reason I haven’t been reading the books I own, I have created…


Now I know that August for a lot of bookworms, book bloggers, and booktubers is ARC August where they have a chance to read all the ARC’s they have acquired. I would totally partake in that because a good percentage of my ebooks are eARC’s that I need to read but since I have a LOT of books both physical and ebook that need to be read I came up with this month long challenge instead. eARC’s are going to be included in the TBR that I can choose from, which is basically almost my entire book collection, because I do own them thanks to the lovely publishers via NetGalley that allowed me the opportunity have a copy.

The only rules for #AlreadyOwnItAugust is that the books have to be ones that I have not read. That means re-reads are out and I am not allowed to read any books from the library either or borrow any from work. I am also not allowed to buy any books unless they are free which applies to the free ebooks I find on Amazon sometimes.

I know this may seem like a strange month long challenge since it is kind of an assumption that the books most bookworms or book bloggers read are the ones that we own in our collection but recently I have found that I have been reading more books I have checked out of the library or borrowed from work. By coming up with #AlreadyOwnItAugust I am pushing myself to read more the books I own that I have probably wanted to read at some point as well as maybe weed out books that I want to unhaul at the end of this month.

If anyone is interested in participating, you can leave a message down below or look out for the #AlreadyOwnItAugust on Twitter as I will be updating my progress throughout the month on there.

As always, Happy Reading!!

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